10 Reasons I Don’t Bill by the Hour (Usually)

Time expended does not always translate to value received. Most people know this, except, apparently, lawyers. Charging a client $25 to $50 to read an email does not make me feel good. I’d like less of that.The attorney/client relationship is improved. If you feel like you’re being nickeled and dimed, resentment sets in.Value billing provides [...]

Dividing the Indivisible: What You Should Know About Selling a Home Due to Divorce

There are a few things about dividing or selling the family home that many now-divorced couples wish they knew before they began the process.   Are you facing what feels like an impossible situation: figuring out how to divide or sell your home in the Rochester area due to a divorce? With so many moving pieces [...]

Using Self Care to Cope with the Stress of Divorce

Divorce is a process. Division of property, meetings with lawyers, court dates, a move and dozens of little things will place demands on your time and attention. Even an amicable divorce can leave you feeling stress and frayed around the edges, making self care extremely important. Schedule time for yourself To emerge from your divorce [...]

Developing Your Support System During Your Divorce

The process of divorce is draining, painful, and to some, embarrassing. It is this embarrassment that prevents many from seeking out the support they so desperately need. Having a support system in place can help you through even the most stressful divorce. Lean on Your Family and Friends When you’re ready, let those closest to [...]